What is X-FMC?

X-FMC is an advanced Flight Management Computer for X-Plane 10.

It is designed especially for planes with IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) that rely on the base FMC or without GNSS position based navigation system…

How does X-FMC work?

X-FMC use datarefs to interact with X-Plane.

Thanks to that we can change the plane behavior once X-FMC active as we can play with LNAV (longitudinal Navigation), VNAV (Vertical Navigation), ATHR (Auto-Throttle)…

Thanks to the configuration file you create or import in aircraft folder, you can choose how X-FMC interacts with the plane.

How do I create a configuration File?

Configuration files for X-FMC are automatically created at first load of any aircraft or imported if you found one that suits your needs.

If you read the manual, you will learn how you can refine the configuration file and launch the automated plane configuration. (This function is for advanced users only as all planes can’t be compatible with this process).

Plane configuration files must be the same name as plane ACF file and contains important informations such as:

  • X-FMC interaction with plane
  • Fuel calculation
  • Vertical Navigation profile
  • Limits and surfaces speed calculations
  • Step cruise profile

What version of X-Plane is compatible?

X-FMC supports X-Plane 10.45+ on any OS version. (except for Linux that we support only for x64 versions)

You can use our product as much as you like on all platforms but we do recommend to use 64 bits versions.

NB: As per X-Plane 11, we still don’t know how X-FMC will behave with it… As further notice, we will not consider XP11 supported until we say so…

How do I update Navigation Data?

X-FMC is able to look into X-Plane default data and its own data to figure out the route and airport information.

X-Plane is shipped with an outdated version of Navigraph (mandatory to get up-to-date procedures). So if you need the latest data procedures, please download the latest package from Navigraph (subscription to Navigraph mandatory).

NB: Please note that X-FMC is not affiliated with Navigraph and do not receive any profit from the subscription to them.

I found an error or a bug, how do I report it?

Using an FMC is not always easy and can be rather complex… Thus, when you think the behavior is not correct, please do not assume this is an X-FMC issue!

There are a lot of side components that can be a root cause:

  • X-Plane
  • Navigraph Data
  • 3rd party addon

If you think you need to report it anyway, please use the Forum Section on X-Plane.Org and Include the following information:

  • X-Plane Version
  • OS Version
  • Description of how it happened
  • Description on how to reproduce the behavior
  • Link a copy of X-Plane log file (under X-Plane root folder) DO NOT PASTE IT!!!

We will read it and if confirmed as a bug, we will use our internal tracking system to follow it. We will edit forum post title to warn you about the status…

I want to post a configuration file, how do I do?

Please use this FORM at your disposal and read carefully the instructions.

If validated, it will be posted on our website!

How do I install X-FMC?

X-FMC is provided as a bundle with self extracting archive (installer) tested without known virus.

Just select the X-Plane main folder when prompted and follow the instructions. Really simple!

You will find X-FMC folder under X-Plane main plugin directory…